Welcome Readers of Jalopnik (Again)

Thanks to Doug DeMuro who wrote a lengthy article, Here’s How A Guy Legally Registered A Mercedes A-Class In The US, about my little A-Class. He reached out to me a few weeks ago about writing an article on the car, the registration process, and me. I hope you enjoyed the article.
There is not much here to read, but this is the blog about a Mercedes where it should not belong… America

1 thought on “Welcome Readers of Jalopnik (Again)

  1. I have just purchased the other Mercedes 160 you sited to Doug that was for sale in Ohio on Ebay. I had no issue registering it since it had an Ohio title however in my home state of Connecticut they are unable to emission test it as my computer only speaks Japanese (emissions testing requires linking to ODB system). My options..register it in a state that doesn’t require emissions or only does the tailpipe test (Florida, parts of Texas etc.) or take it off the road and make a planter out of it. i love this little oddball. Feel free to reach me at joeyrose@hotmail.com Best!

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